Thoughts raced across Homullily’s mind. She understood that she didn’t have to hurt anyone, but those that were going to cause harm to her or to the silhouette just had to be punished for their actions.

She nods slowly, “I understand that, but if I am in danger, then I must fight in orde to protect myself.”

Who else would wander into her barrier anyways? Probably Magis that want her Grief Seed. Not that they would have the chance. “Madoka… If you do not want me to harm anyone, then I won’t. I promise you.”

Madoka shook her head quickly. “A-Ah, um, I’m not asking you to let a Magi kill you for your Grief Seed!” The words were stammered out quickly.

"B-But, um, j-just…if you don’t have to, c-can you please not place a Witch’s Kiss on anyone, or…or anything like that. If a Magical Girl attacks you….Th-Then you can defend yourself, if she doesn’t stop…"

She fiddled with her fingers.


Homulilly almost flinched when Madoka told hold of her hands. Still, though it made the Witch uneasy, she felt happy and welcome. Madoka’s words reassured her and she would make sure not to break or anything of the sort that would scare her away. Because, if she did, she would never ever come back.

“You’re okay. That is all that matters.” She gives a small smile. Then, she sighs, “Yes, as long as I remember those… Painful memories.” The smile fades and the Witch turns to the small screens, “Don’t you see… Even if you are here, I can’t save you anymore. I can’t turn back time. I can’t do anything… All I can do is reside here and hurt people… That is my destiny now…”

Homulily looks down and pulls away from Madoka, “I was supposed to watch over you and I can’t do that anymore… I’m so sorry….”

Madoka sighed and shook her head. So many Witches insisted on this, and maybe it was because she was no Witch herself, but she knew there was another way.

"Homura-chan," she repeated the name for emphasis. "You don’t have to hurt anyone. If you can t-talk to me, and think, then there’s no reason for you to make the choice to hurt others."

She took in a deep breath to steady herself.

"You don’t have any reason to be sorry. It’s all right, Homura-chan."


“You came… to see me?” Homulilly holds back a smile, but her eyes lighted up a bit with joy. “Even though I’m…” She shakes her head. “You’re not afraid of me, Ma… Madoka?” 

She walks closer towards her friend, trying to suppress her tears. She could tell that she was a bit nervous, frightened, even. “Don’t worry. I won’t hurt you. I would never hurt you, Madoka…”

“I’m happy that you wanted to see me. It doesn’t matter what you are. I’m still happy, no matter what.” Homulilly tilts her head sideways, thinking on what else to say. “You’re okay, and that is all that matters. But… I cannot save you anymore… I’ve… I’ve failed you…”

Madoka let her bow fade away in a flash of pink. She didn’t move back when Homulily walked toward her. She maintained her bright and honest smile.

"I’m not afraid, I tr-trust you, Homura-chan! But I don’t want you thinking you failed me…Y-You didn’t fail me. I’m fine, really, I am! I survived Walpurgis in my timeline…so don’t worry…it doesn’t matter if you’re a Witch or not to me. You are still Homura-chan. As long as you remember that…"

She clasped her hands.

"Th-Things will be okay…I promise…"




Just hearing that from her hurt so much. “Please, don’t call me that… That is not who I am anymore, but, if that is what you want to call me, then do as you wish.” Homulilly looks at Madoka for a brief second before turning away. She couldn’t bear this at all. And yet, seeing her dear friend once more had calmed Homulilly down a bit. She was alive and well, even though she was a Magi. She hadn’t become a monster.

Though, if that were to happen, how would she take it?

She lets out a small sigh, “No, I’m not lonely. I have my spiders to keep me company. Also, someone, a shadow, if you will, is always around my barrier, but tends to show up when I’m at my worst.” She looks at Madoka again, frowning. “Again, why are you here?”

"Th-That’s not true. You’re always going to be Homura-chan to me, even if you change your name, or become a little different."

She clasped her hands in front of her and exhaled slowly. She had to calm down and speak with the Witch in a way that was no different than before. She had experience with sentient Witches now, and she knew how best to approach them.

Or at least, she thought she did.

"I know you probably have your Familiars around, but…eheh…I mean, it must be nice to have some human company, right? Though I guess I’m really more of a Magi th-than a regular human, but…um…" She was rambling. Head shake. Continue. 

"I came here to see you."


Homulilly stands alone in her barrier, watching the little screens float about. Each one played a painful memory of the past about the one who meant the world to her. Why did she continue to bear the pain and watch everything play before her eyes? All it did was hurt and show her how much of a failure she was. She was unable to save her and now… Now, she was a monster.

She wondered, if she too was a monster, just like her.

Suddenly, Homulilly felt a presence enter inside her barrier. She glances behind her to see who it was. 

“…Who is it?”

She spots the pink haired girl that was standing before her. Her eyes widen when she realizes who this girl was. Usually, she would see a silhouette of her running around her barrier, keeping her company.

But this time, it wasn’t a silhouette. It wasn’t a dream nor was it an illusion.

The girl standing before her was real.

And she was not a monster like her.

“…What are you doing here?” She asks the pink haired girl. She didn’t want to say her name. Just thinking about her caused her grief and her guilt skyrocketed.

“I thought… I couldn’t… I…” Homulilly was at a loss for words. Here she was, Kaname Madoka, standing before her, okay and well.

And yet, she had become a monster.

Madoka hesitated.

The depths of this Barrier radiated pain and despair. Nothing but sadness. It wasn’t even trying to play at being happy, unlike the cheerful dessert or floral themed Barriers she had wandered in before.

And she knew who this was. She recalled the Homura that was not from her timeline, but visited pretty often, telling her that Homulily existed, and that meant she could only end in failure.

Here she was.

Madoka took in a deep breath and closed her eyes. She started to walk forward slowly, her bow gripped loosely in her hands.

"Homura-chan. Don’t worry Homura-chan…I’m okay."

She bit her lip briefly before continuing.

"Have you been lonely in here by yourself?"

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There wasn’t any need to really defend Homura here since Madoka wouldn’t really understand what she was going through, despite whatever empathy she may have for it. “Things aren’t always what they seem,” was all she said on the matter before dropping it in favor of small talk. “My life is finally getting better after a long period of despair.”

She gave Madoka a smaller smile than before, though it showed her own pain faintly.

Madoka’s smile turned sadder. Despair, sadness, she wished she could take it all away…

She looked at Yuuri and said slowly, “I’m glad to hear things are getting better. Don’t give up on that hope, okay?”

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“I’ve met Tomoe, she was nice. She saved my friend Kazumi when she visited Asunaro. I also met Sakura. She was brash, though kind as well. I do not know the others. What are they like?” She’d said lots, so there must be others aside from the five that had been mentioned. There was something else that she needed to inquire about though.

“Have you met anyone that referred to themselves as one of the Pleiades Saints? And what am I to expect in this city?” She was doing much more talking then she was use to, but that was alright. “I have no plans to hurt anyone.”

"They’re all wonderful, and good friends of mine, I’m glad you know a few already!"

Oh dear. What were they like? To explain to others…”Homura-chan is really serious,” she said, picking the most common iteration of her friend. “But she’s really nice beneath her exterior, I think she acts that way to protect herself…Sayaka-chan is very energetic and friendly, but um, eheh…Try to make a good first impression, since she can be a little judgmental…”

She contemplated the next question.

"I met someone named Satomi-san who said that…and…this city is just like other cities, e-except if you meet any talking Witches, you can’t hurt them! They’re friends of ours."


Mami sipped her own tea, and took a slice of the cake, pondering the other’s words. “Oh, so Sakura-san is helping Miki-san now, or…? I’m afraid I’m not really understanding you all that well.”

Her smile returned. “Kaname-san, that’s what senpai’s are for, aren’t they? I’m here to help you with anything that you don’t understand, or anything that’s troubling you. My door is always open.”

Madoka stammered out an apology. “I-I’m sorry, Mami-san, I know I’m not making sense…U-Um, Kyouko-chan is trying to help Sayaka-chan remember what happened…I don’t know why she would forget  at all…Maybe a Witch d-did it?”

Her stuttering was a side-effect of her nervousness.

However, she did indeed smile warmly at Mami as those words were spoken, calming down slightly. “Thank you, I just wish I could help you out too…”


Oh, this Madoka knew Kazumi-san as well? Well, that was certainly odd. Though, considering their parallels, it was bound to happen at some point. “If you don’t mind my asking… how did Kyouko save Miki-san? I don’t recall that, myself.” The older magi stepped out for a moment to get the tea going, and returned with a coffee cake.

“Kazumi-san is acting… skittish, you say? How odd. I’ll be sure to look into it when I see her next. We can’t have anyone being too frightened, can we? That would be unfortunate.”

It all looked so delicious—she really should eat, and yet, she didn’t think her stomach could take it. She left it be, instead sipping the tea.

"Sh-She…hasn’t yet…She’s working on it, but she seemed really frustrated when I heard from her last…"

A sigh escaped her, and she stroked the gemstone set into her ring. “S-Sorry to bother you, Mami-san, I just don’t really know what to do on my own…”